Visiting Assawoman Bay


Image by Geoff LMV via Flickr

This could be your view of a peaceful sunset over calm waters if you were in the Assawoman Bay area.


Ocean City, MD is a great place to be with its beautiful waves and smooth sand, but sometimes the beach can get a little crowded. You feel like getting away from the crowd and the noise, and escaping to a secluded area where you’re still surrounded by water and nature. Well, Assawoman Bay is the perfect place for that- a beautiful bay that connects Maryland and Delaware and it’s only minutes away from Coastal Highway. Once you’re there, you can go and explore the marsh and surrounding wildlife. Sounds nice right? Beautiful landscapes, blue waters, the sound of birds, the smell of the marsh- can you picture it?


Locals and visitors both enjoy Assawoman Bay as a nice getaway to go kayaking, fishing, and crabbing among other things. Some enjoy walking/running along the paths, others are just happy to hang out on the docks and enjoy the breeze of the bay. Whatever you prefer, it’s a great destination to relax and have a good time with your friends and family. 3586202867_7ccb7502ca_b.jpg

Image by Angie Garrett via Flickr


If you haven’t yet, next time you’re in Ocean City, MD you can see for yourself why Assawoman Bay is worth visiting. And if you happen to be staying at the Bonita Beach Hotel on 81st St., you could be there in less than 10 minutes!


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