OCMD Mini Golf & Fun Facts

Some call it Mini Golf, some call it Putt Putt. Whatever you call it, it’s become a fun go-to activity for families, friends, and even first dates.

But who invented the mini sport? Can you guess in which of these 3 countries Miniature Golfing originated? Ireland, Scotland, or Finland?

*If you guessed Ireland, you’re wrong. It was actually Scotland!

Image by English Classics via website

All my feminists, brace yourselves. Back in the dinosaur ages, it was deemed “improper” for a woman to swing a golf club past her shoulder. The lovely ladies of Scotland wouldn’t give up on golfing however, so The Ladies’ Putting Club of St. Andrews was formed in 1867. There weren’t any windmills or obstacles but the green course was still successful and is still recognized to this day.  Fast forwarding to the 1900s mini golf became popular in the U.S. and the golf courses became more elaborate with sand traps, hills, ponds, and walkway patterns.

*Fun fact: During the Depression, when prestigious golf courses weren’t affordable, cheaper versions of mini golf courses were created with creative obstacles using random things like tires, barrels, basically whatever was available.

Image by Modern Mechanix via website

Turns out people actually liked this idea! And so, this style of miniature golf courses became the norm and became grew in popularity. By the 1930s, millions were playing obstacle laden miniature golf in the U.S.

 Today mini golf courses have a combination of green replicas and fun obstacles to go through and people have as much fun or more as the first putt putters of the 19th century.

So now you know a little history of the mini golf industry. How’s that for small talk on your next mini golf date!

And since you’re now probably in the mood for a little miniature golf, how about I share some locations in Ocean City?


  • Jolly Rogers on 30th St., Ocean City’s largest amusement park, has a water park, SpeedWorld, rides and games, and mini golf.

  • Planet Maze & Laser Storm on 33rd St. contains a climbing maze, laser tag, an arcade, and a 19-hole alien adventure themed mini golf course.

  • Old Pro Golf has locations all over Ocean City. These include 23rd St., 28th St., 68th St., and 136th St. The locations on 68th and 136th both include indoor and outdoor courses.  Old Pro might be a good choice if you happen to be staying in the Bonita Beach Hotel on 81st St.

  • Buccaneer’s Booty Miniature Golf on 146th St. with waterfalls and jungle sounds.


Is anyone of these locations already your favorite? 


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