Boat Rides for the Whole Family in Ocean City

OC Rocket

Tired of doing the same thing over and over again when you visit Ocean City, MD? How about a boat ride that includes the entire family with sights and activities for all ages! In downtown Ocean City you have four different boat ride experiences to choose from, all departing from the Talbot Street Pier. You can take the bus from the Bonita Beach Hotel on 81st and it will take you and your family all the way down to Talbot St., Bayside. Below are the options with a brief description of each (click on the name to be directed to the Boat Ride’s Webpage) 

OC Rocket

OC Rocket

Get on the brand new Speedboat and watch the fishing boats go by, and the beautiful Ocean City dolphins at play! Every rider gets seated comfortably with a life jacket and trained professional crew on board.



Perfect for the whole family. A ride that includes Buccaneer battles, face painting, treasures and more!

Assateague Adventure

Assateague Adventure

An eco-cruise for all ages. As you ride through OC’s harbor and Assateague Island, sights include fishing boats going by, wild ponies, a marine animal touch tank, bird watching, dredging for clams, and a crab pot demonstration.

Happy Hooker

Happy Hooker

A ride through Sinepuxent Bay that includes views of Ocean City and Assateague Island and two hours of fishing for the whole family.

The Bonita Beach is Steps Away from Fresh Local Seafood


Hooked Seafood Restaurant

Looking for the freshest seafood? If you’re staying at the Bonita Beach Hotel, you’ve got to try this place for dinner. Hooked is located on 81st street right across from the Bonita Beach, serving fresh, honest, and local seafood.

Owners Steve Hagen and Kevin Frey own several restaurants along the Delaware beaches and recently opened their newest restaurant in Ocean City in 2013 living up to our greatest expectations. They really have set the standard high for seafood cuisine.


Photo by Hooked via Facebook

Don’t take our word for it, here are some reviews found online.

“Seriously beyond fantastic food. Gives new meaning to “enjoying your meal”. The staff is so very wonderful and it is a great dining experience!”

“Hooked is what food is supposed to be: natural, fresh, and expertly prepared.”

“This place is awesome!!! If you want drinks made from locally infused ingredients this is the place to go besides having top shelf liquor for your everyday drinks. The food is out of this world. I highly recommend this restaurant and that is hard to earn from me. I will absolutely come back.”

“Everything was perfect. We went on a Thu night. Seated right away. Friendly host, bartender, and waitress. They have $2 fish or shrimp tacos on Thu. Hubby and I split one if each and split the basil scented seared tuna. Everything we ate was fantastic. Perfectly prepared and fresh,  including the drinks from the bar. It was great way to start our long weekend vacay. We will definitely be back during our next visit to OC.”

At the Bonita Beach Hotel, you are literally steps away from experiencing for yourself what all the hoopla is about.

Check their website or call for details.

Visit the Isle of Wight Nature Park

Isle of Wight Marsh

Looking to spend a day outdoors with the family in Ocean City? Perhaps it’s your last day in Ocean City, MD and you’re looking for somewhere to go besides the beach. How does the Isle of Wight nature park sound? Many people go straight to Northside Park without even thinking of Isle of Wight Nature Park off the route 90 bridge. You probably have passed by it on numerous occasions not aware of its existence or how pleasant it can be.

Isle of Wight Entrance

Does this look familiar? You have probably gone right past it on your way to Northern Ocean City or on your way to Ocean Pines and didn’t even notice.

Isle of Wight Bay

image by Bob Mical via flickr

The nature park, resembling a tiny island is surrounded by the St Martins Neck River, and the Assawoman and Isle of Wight bays making it the perfect area for recreational boating, kayaking, and fishing.

Isle of Wight Pier

image by Lee Canon via flickr

When you enter, straight ahead you’ll see a pier right on the bay giving you a perfect view of Ocean City. Nearby Picnic tables are provided to have a relaxing lunch with your family while you take in the bay breeze and the warm sunrays.

Isle of Wight Marsh

image by Lee Canon via Flickr

Maybe you’d like going for a stroll through the park to enjoy the marsh and surrounding wildlife including the beautiful white heron.

The best part of the Isle of Wight Nature Park? It’s completely free. You don’t have to worry about any fees. Come see what you’ve been missing out on!

Where to go Crabbing in Ocean City

Crabbing in Assateague

Besides fishing, crabbing is also a favorite past time for many Ocean City locals and visitors. It’s easy to do with friends or family for both beginners and experienced crabbers. All you need to do is find the right spot. Luckily for you, you don’t need to go too far to find the right spot in Ocean City, MD. Just remember bayside, bayside, bayside!

Assawoman Bay – Assawoman Bay is basically the bayside of Ocean City along Coastal Highway. This isn’t too hard to find. You could also go further into the bay if you go over the Rt 90 bridge like the family in the picture to the right. They decided to cross the bridge and crab in St Martins Neck Rd, Bishopville MD.

Crabbing in St Martins Neck, Bishopville, MD

Sinepuxent Bay – Sinepuxent Bay is an inland waterway that connects Chincoteague Bay to the Isle of Wight Bay and it’s located in the South end of Ocean City. To be more exact, between the Rt. 50 Bridge and the Verrazano Bridge (the bridge that crosses over to Assateague Island).

Sinepuxent Bayside

Assateague Island – Pretty much anywhere on the bay is good for crabbing so if you plan on going to Assateague Island, don’t forget your crabbing net and bait!

Crabbing in Assateague

Go-Karts in Ocean City, MD

Grand Prix Amusements Bandit Track

Staying in midtown Ocean City is the preferred choice for many because you have the pleasure of quieter streets, yet are close enough to easily head downtown or West Ocean City. For those looking to go go-kart racing you can visit any of these amusement parks located  7 to 15 minutes away from the Bonita Beach Hotel depending on which you decide to visit.

Baja Amusements

Baja Amusements Family Track

Located in West Ocean City, you can find Baja Amusements passing the Tanger Outlets across the rt. 50 bridge. You will first see a mini golf course along Ocean Gateway but if you head towards the back of the park, you will find the go-kart tracks featuring 4 fast tracks, 3 family tracks, and a rookie track for beginners.

Grand Prix Amusements

Grand Prix Amusements Bandit Track

Located along Ocean Gateway, Grand Prix can be found almost immediately after spotting a Wawa gas station on your left. I doubt you’ll miss it! This amusement park features 10 racing tracks with something for guests of all ages.

Jolly Rogers

Jolly Rogers SpeedWorld

Visit Speedworld at Jolly Rogers between 29th and 30th st. with 10 attractions to choose from, including a Kiddie track for the little ones to join the fun! There are several ways to race with fun cards or passports to make the most of your time at the park.

*Speeding Tip: They say it’s not how fast you enter a corner, but how fast you exit the corner!

Easy Ways to Keep Your Favorite Beach Destination Clean

Leave Only Your Footprints

You may have noticed a big sign coming into Ocean City,MD right off the route 50 bridge saying “Leave Only Your Footprints”. While at the beach, you probably saw a bunch of smaller signs displaying the same message. The message was brought to you by the Ocean City Surfrider Foundation, now recognized as the Ocean City Surf Club since early 2014, advocating clean beaches and clean waters.

Thanks to organizations like this and your participation in the “Leave Only Your Footprints” campaign, Ocean City, MD remains a favorite beach destination for OC visitors. We wish to preserve the beaches of Ocean City to make you feel as welcome as always and being green at the beach is a perfect way to start! You can be part of our efforts of preserving your favorite beach resort with these tips during your next stay at the Bonita Beach Hotel.

Leave Only Your Footprints

Pack reusable containers
There’s no need to go looking for a trash can when you can pack reusable containers. Bring a cooler or an insulated lunch box and pack your lunch and snacks in containers you can bring back to your room. If something was left untouched, say some fresh fruit, you can easily store it in your hotel room mini fridge for later.

Bring a trash bag
Maybe you didn’t bring any reusable containers. Or maybe one of you was craving some of those yummy boardwalk fries or a fresh squeezed lemonade that hits the spot on those hot sunny days. If you pack a plastic bag with you, you can easily throw any cups and leftover trash in the bag. Just don’t forget to take the bag with you on your back.

Locate a near by restroom
This a good idea in general but even more so with young children. To avoid any accidents in ocean, look for an area on the beach that isn’t far from a public restroom that you could easily access.

Don’t forget what you packed
At the end of a long beach day spent tanning and swimming, you’re drained and ready to head back to the hotel for a refreshing shower. That’s why it’s so easy to lose track of all the things you brought with you. Don’t forget little things like beach toys. Not only will your kids be sad but it’s easy for toys and other supplies to get washed away into the ocean. Remember, leave only your footprints.

Dispose all cigarette butts
Cigarettes are a leading pollutant of beaches but if you feel the urge to smoke simply dispose of your butts appropriately. If you don’t have pocket ashtray,  you could just as easily use a leftover cup.

These are simple ways to keep the Ocean City beaches you look forward to every summer cleaner.


Activities in Midtown Ocean City

The Bonita Beach Hotel is the place for you if you’d like to be close enough to all the major attractions without sacrificing the serenity of a quiet night. Located amidst public parks, well-known restaurants, and water sport facilities, Bonita Beach will accommodate you perfectly while you explore midtown Ocean City, MD. How about a list of potential activities located near you?

  1. Shopping. Ever visited South Moon Under? It’s only a block away on 80th street and has a great collection for any fashionistas staying at the Bonita Beach Hotel. If you prefer the casual look K-Coast surf shop is located only 3 blocks away on 78th street to fulfill all your surf needs and more, from boards to suits to the pair of flip flops you forget to pack.

  2. Watersports. Your closest watersport locations are WalkOnWater on 67th, Bayside Jet Drive on 52nd, and Odyssea Watersports on 50th street. Take your pick from stand up paddle boarding, jet skiing or pontoon rentals!

  3. Mini Golf. Who doesn’t like mini golf? Someone who’s never tried it maybe? Don’t be that person when you have an Old Pro Golf just minutes away from you on 68th Street.

  4. Visit the Art League. The Art League of Ocean City on 94th Street has galleries of art for OC visitors to admire and they frequently host classes for both adults and children. Why not learn some pottery 101 during your stay? You may discover a hidden talent!

  5. Try a new restaurant. But where? There are SO MANY restaurants to choose from and they’re all mouth watering. What about the Hobbit on 81st St.? Locals and visitors say it’s definitely one of those must try restaurants in Ocean City. If you’re familiar with the Hobbit, there’s plenty of other places to choose from, literally on every corner. Take your pick and share your reviews, don’t keep your tasty findings a secret!

We know when you come to Ocean City, MD you want to visit the boardwalk but don’t forget all the other great attractions Ocean City has to offer midtown. You might be surprised at what you can find!

The Play it Safe Project in Ocean City

High School Graduations are upon us! Seniors throughout the Eastern shore are probably busy planning their senior week 2014 experience. Many will probably follow the tradition of visiting Ocean City for Senior Week. As parents you are excited to see them graduate and grow into respectable adults. However sometimes the thought of Senior Week can be a bit worrisome for some because they will be away from your supervision. Ocean City, MD knows how much you care, and wants you know that we also care for the well being of our graduating visitors. That is why we would like to inform you of the Play it Safe Project here in Ocean City. The mission of Play it Safe is to offer fun, alcohol and drug-free activities for 2014 graduates. We know the grads want to make the most of their senior week, and Ocean City promises to deliver! The Play it Safe Project offers a huge variety of FREE events for our grads to enjoy, including laser tag, mini golf, bowling, kayak relays, wind surfing, karaoke, and more! Your grads can receive wristbands to enjoy free bus rides as they explore the town by simply signing up at any free event. We encourage you to check out the Play it Safe homepage and learn more about all the healthy choices Ocean City will offer our 2014 grads. Share with your high school graduates of all the advantages they will have when visiting Ocean City, we know they’ll be thrilled! They can easily download the calendar onto their smart phones to stay up to date with all the free activities taking place and not miss out on any. We hope this information eases the thought of senior week. Ocean City, MD wants to maintain the tradition of Senior Week a fun experience with nothing but good and healthy memories!

Ocean City Shark Tournament

Attention Anglers! The Ocean City Shark Tournament 2014 will take place May 29 – 31 (two weeks earlier than last year) at the Ocean City Fishing Center.

The Fishing Center located in West Ocean City will be the host with weigh-ins taking place each day. Fish enthusiasts can’t wait to see who brings in the biggest shark for a shot at the grand prize. However most of those sharks will be tagged and released to further study their movements and habits. The Shark Tournament is mixture of fun, competition, and marine biology!

Over the years, the event has been moved earlier in the season due to the preferences of anglers and changes in the offshore fishery. Wise fishermen know that they must adapt to the changes-  as the sharks are starting earlier, then so must they. The sharks aren’t the only thing changing though… A lot of changes have been made to the Shark Tournament including rules, payouts, and entry levels, all benefitting the participants. Bottom line- the changes are good news as the tournament will be less complicated and more affordable. For a detailed list of the changes feel free to visit the Shark Tournament site.

No fishing enthusiast will be missing out on the Shark Tournament- a fishing celebration that includes food, music, and overall an event replete with fun activities for the entire family.

Artistry of Ocean City, MD

Arts and Entertainment

Ocean City has many things to be proud of and among them is the local artistry. Every town has it’s group of creatives and Ocean City is not the exception. Ocean City prides itself in promoting and celebrating the arts of its local community. There is the Art League of Ocean City, countless child and adult classes, live music events, and festivals celebrating wood carvers and so much more. On May 9th, Ocean City will once again celebrate the town’s culture in an event held in Berlin, MD titled, ‘2nd Friday Stroll’ from 5-8pm.

Artistry of Ocean City

Image by Berlin MD Arts & Entertainment via Facebook

Every second Friday of the month, you can join Berlin’s celebration of the arts. The local shops stay open showcasing the talents of artists from the Ocean City area. There will be live music, delicious dining, and of course art galleries. Spend the evening strolling down the streets of historic Berlin as you immerse yourself in the culture. Did I mention Berlin was recently awarded as ‘America’s Coolest Small Town’- just saying, celebrating the arts in the one of the coolest towns of America doesn’t sound too shabby.

Come show your support and get inspired by the creative talents of the Ocean City area.